Fire and flood can be devastating for a business, but are rare events. The greatest disruption to critical business processes are those day-to-day ‘small disasters’ – your email server goes down and you can’t communicate; your CRM database crashes and you can’t answer customers queries.

SystemFlip are a UK based dedicated backup and disaster recovery company developing products for the mid-market designed to address both the traditional physical and virtual multi-server installations. SystemFlip Continuous Recovery is a fast, easy to use and automated backup and disaster recovery solution. It takes regular snapshots of your IT systems both local and in the cloud, and provides up to seven years’ data retention. Any problems can be dealt with by seamlessly “flipping” to virtual clones of your servers that are available both on the SystemFlip appliance and in the SystemFlip Cloud, allowing you to get back running in just minutes, even in the case of a full blown disaster.

The advanced SystemFlip 2U appliance is installed alongside existing customer server infrastructure, providing both local backup and disaster recovery services in addition to mirrored Cloud based protection. SystemFlip provides:

  • Comprehensive protection for physical and virtualised servers
  • Continuous system snapshots up to every 5 minutes
  • Compliance based data retention of up to 7 years
  • Automatic data integrity checks of files and databases including SQL and Exchange database
  • mountability checks
  • Up to 80% reduction in data sizes due to inline global de-duplication and compression
  • AES 256-bit encryption of all snapshot data, both on the appliance, in transfer and in the
  • SystemFlip Cloud
  • Separate disk arrays for inline de-duplication, long term data storage and virtual machine
  • operations ensuring that performance is not impacted and that protection continues even in a
  • failover scenario
  • Real-time creation of standby virtual machines using patented technology
  • The ability for customers to ‘Flip’ protected production servers on to the onsite appliance with
  • just a few clicks and to ‘Flip’ back.
  • The ability to test Flipping on the appliance at any time on a separate VLAN to avoid interfering
  • with live running servers and without incurring invocation costs
  • Granular restore, ability to Flip of restore data from any snapshot
  • Live restoration of SQL and Exchange databases allows customers to be up and running on a
  • restored database within seconds without the need to wait for full data transfer to complete
  • Secure streaming of data offsite to the SystemFlip Cloud for to allow Flipping in the event of a
  • major disaster
  • Restoration to both virtual and physical environments regardless of original source hardware.

How it Works

Connect the SystemFlip appliance to your existing onsite or datacentre infrastructure

The unique SystemFlip appliance is available in 1 and 2U configurations to complement existing infrastructure.


SystemFlip seamlessly backs up servers and applications, up to every 5 minutes

Backup data is de-duped, encrypted and archived for compliance purposes for up to 7 years, allowing full restoration of data and systems from virtually any point in time.


In the event of onsite server failure, the workload can be quickly flipped to the SystemFlip appliance

The SystemFlip appliance allows a workload to be flipped or data restored without interrupting backups or incurring invocation costs.


Everything synchronised to the SystemFlip Cloud for complete peace of mind

Backup data is de-duped, encrypted and compressed before being synchronised to the SystemFlip Cloud ready for use in the event of a complete onsite failure.


What does it do?

Intelligent onsite appliance takes backups every 5 minutes, or select your preferred backup interval.

Continuously backs up servers to onsite appliance and then replicates data to cloud based appliance.

Onsite appliance replaces failed servers in minutes by continuously creating virtual machines from backup data, which can be initialised at any time.

Cloud-based virtual machines available when needed for disaster recovery.

Recover lost or corrupted files in a few clicks; data retention of up to 7 years for compliance purposes.

Backup and restore from any physical hardware or hypervisor platform.