SystemFlip ensures your IT system is quickly accessible whatever happens

Connect the SystemFlip appliance to your existing onsite or datacentre infrastructure

  • Server failure can be dealt with on-site without invoking disaster recovery
  • Eliminates invocation charges for vast majority of IT failures
  • Lost or deleted files restored immediately

Fast failover to the Cloud

  • If major disaster happens, your entire IT system is ready to use within a few hours
  • Business can continue without interruption

Easy system restoration

  • Restore from the Cloud and revert to normal onsite IT operation without interruption to system access
  • No requirement to match failed or damaged servers, allowing you to replace with any server hardware

Confidence the solution works

  • Expert engineers on hand to ensure recovery runs smoothly

Lower, predictable costs

  • Flip to local appliance for everyday issues without invocation costs

What does it do?

Intelligent onsite appliance takes backups every 5 minutes, or select your preferred backup interval.

Continuously backs up servers to onsite appliance and then replicates data to cloud based appliance.

Onsite appliance replaces failed servers in minutes by continuously creating virtual machines from backup data, which can be initialised at any time.

Cloud-based virtual machines available when needed for disaster recovery.

Recover lost or corrupted files in a few clicks; data retention of up to 7 years for compliance purposes.

Backup and restore from any physical hardware or hypervisor platform.