CyberDAM-VA Vulnerability Assessment Service

CyberDAM-VA Vulnerability Assessment Service

SecurityDAM's CyberDAM-VA™ cloud-based vulnerability assessment service helps you control your security risks by identifying and responding to network weaknesses and potential security breaches.

As cyber-attacks grow exponentially, many organizations lack visibility into the weaknesses of their network infrastructure and web applications, which exposes them to external threats such as backdoor and remote access attacks, SQL injection and other types of malicious attacks. The CyberDAM-VA service closes this gap with ongoing external network scanning that identifies vulnerabilities and highlights potential security breaches.

CyberDAM-VA provides you with:
  • Accurate network asset discovery
  • Periodical scanning and detection of network and application vulnerabilities based on thousands of up-to-date tests
  • Prioritized list of security vulnerabilities, categorized by severity, and based on your definitions of asset sensitivity
  • Remediation and mitigation guidance on repairing weaknesses
  • Periodical scans to ensure up-to-date assessment
  • 24/7 SOC with skilled security professionals

Potenial Security Risks

Security weaknesses exist within networks, communication infrastructure and applications, due to a range of reasons such as:
  • Weaknesses in network design, misconfigurations or loose security policies
  • Outdated firmware or software
  • Insecure web applications
  • Lack of asset maintenance
  • Applications code flaws
  • Malware that has already penetrated to servers and other network elements

How Does it Work?

The CyberDAM-VA external scanning provides you with a hacker’s point of view of your network perimeter, letting you understand your security posture and vulnerabilities. Vulnerability scans are run remotely from the SecurityDAM cloud facilities and discover hardware and software servers and appliances on your network. A range of static and dynamic tests are then run to identify vulnerabilities in the discovered entities as well as web applications, using thousands of unique checks in the CyberDAM-VT vulnerabilities knowledgebase.

Results are displayed in a web dashboard, providing you with a clear view of your asset inventory, vulnerabilities categorized by severity, drill-down reports, and a range of notifications options.
Scans can be scheduled to run at any desired frequency, which enables the continuous monitoring and exposure of network changes and vulnerabilities.

Actionable Data Dashboard

A web-based portal, with dynamic dashboards provides your team with a consolidated view of your security status and vulnerabilities.

An intuitive user interface lets you:
  • Get a complete picture of your discovered infrastructure.
  • Review scan results and explore vulnerability findings.
  • Identify risks based on their severity level - Critical, High, Medium and Low. By pre-defining the sensitivity level of different assets, you can affect vulnerability scores so you can focus on the most important ones.
  • Follow recommended actions for remediation steps.
  • Setup notifications and alerts