Pepwave AP One - Rugged Outdoor Wireless


AP One Rugged Outdoor Wireless

Real Radio Performance, No Marketing Hype

The Pepwave AP One family comes equipped with a full set of enterprise features at affordable prices. It’s the best choice for adding reliable wireless access to your network and will work instantly with your Peplink Balance. Our TruePower RF technology makes dead spots and interference easy to overcome. Pepwave’s AP One has five times the power of other solutions, and unlike other high-power solutions, we provide full power on all channels to achieve predictable coverage over a larger area, with fewer APs.

Our adaptive power intelligence dynamically responds to the environment to make sure the correct amount of power is used. And thanks to its rugged metal enclosure, the AP One will withstand demanding commercial and industrial environments.


Unique Networks for Different Users

The Pepwave AP One supports up to 16 discrete wireless networks (SSIDs), making it easy, for example, to set up a password-protected network for your employees and an open network with a portal splash screen for guest users. Built-in VLAN support allows you to map specific wireless networks to different groups of computers, letting you enforce security rules over the Wi-Fi network.

Robust Security Made Simple and Flexible

Keeping your business information safe is critical. You can easily and securely expand your SpeedFusion VPN using the AP One as a node for remote access. The AP One allows you to limit the amount of bandwidth available to different users. When used with a controller device, you can also limit guest access with your Captive Portal’s customized splash screen. And with Guest Protect, you can provide your visitors access to the Internet without giving them access to your local network. With the AP One, you no longer have to sacrifice security for flexibility.

Works with our WLAN Controller or without It!

Pepwave AP One access points are automatically recognized by the Peplink Balance, allowing you to easily configure and manage your WLAN network. Unlike other business WLAN solutions, an AP controller is not required at all times, so your AP One will work even if it’s not connected to the Peplink Balance. Pepwave also provides InControl cloud-based management as an alternative for managing and configuring your AP One devices.

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