Peplink MAX - 3G/4G Bonding Routers


MAX 3G/4G Bonding Routers

The Ultimate Mobile Router.

The Pepwave MAX mobile router gives you the ultimate in mobile connectivity. With the ability to combine a variety of wireless services, the MAX gives you maximum reliability through automatic link failover and scalability with multi-WAN load balancing and VPN bonding. The Pepwave MAX brings wireline reliability to environments where no other solution can. The Pepwave MAX combines as many as seven 4G/3G, WiMAX, LTE, VSAT, Wi-Fi WAN, and other mobile connections to deliver consistently high speeds and 100% uptime. Bond up to four USB modems and add broadband landline connections for blazing data transfer anywhere, anytime. MAX bandwidth bonding automatically distributes traffic across wireless links, increasing connection stability and making maximum use of all available bandwidth. And you can scale your bandwidth as you go simply by adding extra 4G, 3G, or other wireless connections at any time. The MAX automatically switches to lower priority connections when primary connections fail due to signal or coverage issues. Your connection stays fast, and you stay seamlessly connected and productive.

Embedded World-Mode 3G Modems

Leave your external GSM and CDMA modems behind. The Pepwave MAX HD2 features integrated world-mode 3G modems for instant connectivity anywhere you go. And because the MAX is easy to configure and shock/vibration resistant, you can give your mechanic a break. The Pepwave MAX can automatically switch to Wi-Fi networks as they become available, cutting costs and increasing bandwidth. Got bandwidth to spare? Share it seamlessly and securely with the MAX's built-in Wi-Fi access point.

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