Umbrella Secure HotSpot


Secure thousands of guest and public networks in minutes.

Fortune 100 retailers use OpenDNS to manage network security for their shoppers’ in-store experiences. And some of the largest hospitals in the US trust us to protect their visitors. Why? Because OpenDNS makes it easy to provide Web filtering, to stay in line with acceptable use policies, and to provide fast Internet access securely.

Do you really expect guests on your public Wi-Fi network to take responsibility for securing their own devices and personal information? Doubtful. It’s in your best interest to protect your business’s brand and reputation from negative press associated with malware and phishing attacks on your wireless network.

You don’t want guests using your Wi-Fi network to access malicious sites or to view inappropriate content at your place of business. Simply secure your Wi-Fi hotspots with OpenDNS and we can provide a fast, reliable Internet connection with over 60 content filters.

Stay compliant with acceptable use policy

Guest Wi-Fi is a standard today that most businesses provide. But there is significant risk to your brand if Internet access is not secured. OpenDNS lets you ensure the Internet experience you provide remains safe, appropriate, and consistent with your brand—across all network-connected devices.

Keep malware off your network, even on public segments

Let’s face it: it’s difficult enough to secure your corporate network. But when it comes to guest Wi-Fi, people use devices that are already infected with malware. That’s bad news for you because guest devices can launch attacks originating from your network. Extend both inbound and outbound protection to all devices on your guest network while also gaining visibility into Internet activity in real-time.

Deployment is easy, even for multiple locations

Whether you’re seeking to secure the Internet at one hotspot or several thousand, OpenDNS can be deployed quickly and managed easily through a centralized Web-based dashboard. All you have to do is point your DNS to For most customers, that takes a few minutes, especially when your access point controller can automatically push out the DNS change.

It’s fast!

OpenDNS functions at the DNS layer, which means we can deliver enterprise-grade security via the cloud, adding security without any additional latency. Even better, cloud-delivered network security is scalable, which means you don’t have to deal with complex sizing guides. And when your business grows, there are no updates needed to increase capacity—security cost is not tied to speed or bandwidth