OneLogin - Identity & Access Management Solutions

Security Simplified

Empower employees, customers and partners with secure access to your cloud and company apps on any device. Transform your enterprise security and centralize control of users, apps and devices.

Single Sign-On

Sign in once and you’re done. A single password gets users to a portal where they can access corporate apps in the cloud and behind the firewall. It’s the end of forgotten usernames and passwords.

Unified Directory

OneLogin is your directory in the cloud. Unify your Active Directory, LDAP, Google Apps and Workday directories seamlessly in OneLogin.

User Provisioning

Automate onboarding and offboarding in enterprise apps with real-time sync and streamline entitlements using powerful rules.

Strong Authentication

Protect sign-in and password reset from password theft with additional authentication factors, such as one-time passwords, SMS and security questions.

Mobile Identity

Passwords are even more painful on a tiny keyboard. OneLogin makes your enterprise apps accessible with a single click on smartphones and tablets.

Compliance Reporting

Centralized access control produces a rich audit trail that you can tap into using OneLogin’s standard and custom reports.