PCIe Flash


Memblaze’s mission is to make data processing faster and smarter. Industrial analysis and forecasts indicate that the amount of data generated worldwide doubles every 1.5 years. Traditional storage devices are struggling to adapt to the demand for high speed data processing. Memblaze is committed to tackling this challenge by producing high-performance solid state storage products and solutions.

Memblaze is an innovation-driven company. Its founders realized as early as 2007 that NAND Flash storage medium needs to break the mould of traditional storage protocol and interface, and noticed that PCIe can be used as high speed interface of solid flash storage. After over 3 years of painstaking research by its two founders, the first-ever Native Hardware Flash Accelerator of the industry was produced and launched. The new Hardware Flash Accelerator represents a greater improvement in framework than other Software Flash Accelerator. It is highly sought-after by users as it cuts back on the users' consumption of host resources and improves the product's performance and stability.

Memblaze prides itself on its innovations and is set to continue launching new products and technologies, setting new benchmarks in the fields of servers and storage in the future. Memblaze's customers and partners can enjoy the benefits of lower costs made possible by the company's innovations in the area of high-speed storage devices.

PBlaze3 Product Overview


  • Huge I/O Performance - Innovative architecture and advanced algorithm achieve up to 3.5 GB/s and 2.5 GB/s for read bandwidth and write bandwidth respectively, and up to 800,000 IOPS and 280,000 IOPS for random read and write.
  • Ultra-low latency - Wear levelling technology together with ultra-low latency and latency smoothing technique reduce product latency down to 14 μs while maintaining ultra-low latency jitter.
  • End-to-end data protection technology - Super-strong error correction, RAID cross NAND, back-up module, and randomization guarantees MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of over 2 million hours.
  • Superior lifespan - Flash memory life span extension technology enhances MLC flash memory write in life span more than threefold, reaching up to 33 PB.
  • Market leading efficiency - Device-based technology halves host CPU utilization rate, and reduces host memory usage to just 1 MB.