Non-volatile PCIe flash solutions which dramatically accelerates datacentre application performance

Why we chose Memblaze

Memblaze was established in 2011, and they have spent the last 4 years architecting and developing PCIe flash technology that competes with the best solutions available on the market today. But why does Cloud Distribution believe this is the right solution for our channel partners?

  • Routes to market - Considered to be the de facto PCIe flash technology in their native market, China, with some big wins with hyperscale companies such as Tencent and Alibaba, Memblaze are new to the EMEA market. As such
    • They don’t have large OEM agreements with existing server manufacturers which can serve to undercut channel partners in competitive bids.
    • They rely in channel partners to create value for them and support them with deal registration.
    • Our partners can compete against the server OEMs and win, because the Memblaze solution has exceptional performance at a much lower costs than leading PCIe manufacturers.
  • Technology Innovation – PCIe cards are all the same, right? Wrong! There’s some strong innovation here, such as Pianokey technology – which eliminates wasted storage capacity. Users get the capacity they need and don’t pay for what they don’t use.
  • Performance – Memblaze technology delivers significantly higher IOPS, lower latency and jitter and greater throughput than any of their competitors in their price range, and equals the performance of the know market leaders.
  • Price – Memblaze technology is approximately ¼ price of the PCIe market share leader. Which means our partners and their customers are going to get a lot more bang for their buck!


What Memblaze could do for your customers

If you have customers who are witnessing application performance issues where storage, either locally or networked, is bottlenecking IOPS and throughput, or they are looking to upgrade from 1st Generation PCIe technology then Memblaze offers them a number of compelling reasons to investigate and invest in their PCIe flash solutions.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduce Costs – Memblaze solutions are up to ¼ of the cost of traditional PCIe market leader, whilst delivering similar levels of predictable performance. Low power consumption slashes operational expenditure.
  • Increase Productivity – remove performance barriers by radically improving application response time. Memblaze cards have Industry-leading random and sequential read/write capability.
  • Create New Revenue streams – Memblaze technology allows for the development and deployment of applications that drive new business at a price which was previously unrealisable.