Gridstore Solutions

HyperGrid is the enterprise cloud service company that enables IT to be consumed as a complete utility through its HyperCloud™ technology.

Providing security, control, and governance for IT, with agility and flexibility for developers, HyperCloud™ delivers an AWS-like environment as a fully managed stack on-premise or hosted deployment along with application and platform services across any cloud or infrastructure.

Partnering with HyperGrid

  • As a reseller, your customers can have their own public cloud within their data center, based on elastic infrastructure, fabric compute, storage and networking services.
  • As an MSP, when faced with the choice of using a public cloud service or building your own cloud delivery infrastructure, with their associated cost, inflexibility and complexity, HyperCloud™ gives you the best of both worlds. Offering you complete control and flexibility to manage your customers the way you want to, using HyperCloud™ you can deliver your own cloud-based service offerings for your customers around your own easy to manage, pay-as-you-go, agile, on-premises cloud platform.

Benefits of HyperGrid

HyperCloud™ helps enterprises accelerate a shift from building IT to consuming IT, while maintaining controls and reducing costs. It is the only consumption-based, cloud service for the enterprise on-premises, with integrated governance and control for DevOps management and orchestration for any application on bare-metal, VMs and containers, and on any cloud.

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Solutions for Storage & Virtualisation

At Cloud-Distribution, we are dedicated to helping you, our partners, to increase your success with a leading-edge portfolio of Storage and Virtualisation solutions:

  1. Storage and Data Management
    1. SAN, NAS and Object Storage
    2. Backup and Disaster Recovery
  2. Hyperconvergence and Virtualisation
    1. Hyperconverged Infrastructure and Cloud Services
    2. Virtual Desktop Solutions

By championing next generation Storage and Virtualisation vendors, that complement Microsoft and VMware infrastructures for example, we support forward-thinking partners in building solutions that solve customer challenges and deliver customer value.

Together with our vendors, we will help you to identify new opportunities, build a healthy business pipeline and win new customers through our comprehensive sales, technical and marketing enablement.