HyperGrid is the enterprise cloud service company that enables IT to be consumed as a complete utility through its HyperCloud™ technology.

Providing security, control, and governance for IT, with agility and flexibility for developers, HyperCloud™ delivers an AWS-like environment as a fully managed stack on-premise or hosted deployment along with application and platform services across any cloud or infrastructure.

Partnering with HyperGrid

  • As a reseller, your customers can have their own public cloud within their data center, based on elastic infrastructure, fabric compute, storage and networking services.
  • As an MSP, when faced with the choice of using a public cloud service or building your own cloud delivery infrastructure, with their associated cost, inflexibility and complexity, HyperCloud™ gives you the best of both worlds. Offering you complete control and flexibility to manage your customers the way you want to, using HyperCloud™ you can deliver your own cloud-based service offerings for your customers around your own easy to manage, pay-as-you-go, agile, on-premises cloud platform.