WAN Optimization


WAN Optimization

More locations, more apps, more users, more devices – more problems. Whether you’re an enterprise, an educational institution or a service provider, the problems you deal with on a day to day basis are getting harder to solve. Traditional WAN solutions weren’t designed to solve problems in the cloud, or on mobile devices or for streaming video. We designed our orchestration solutions to help you solve the problems you face in your network today – not 10 years ago.

Troubleshoot Network Problems

The time it takes to diagnose and fix a network problem is getting longer. There are simply too many variables these days to do it quickly. You’ve got so many apps, hosted in multiple clouds, with many types of users – all connecting from two or three different devices. Identifying the root cause of an issue and resolving it in a timely manner is harder than ever. Our customers asked us to help them find innovative ways to diagnose and resolve the problems – faster. That’s why we built our solution center with a set of purpose built reports architected from the ground up to make troubleshooting easier for you.

Enforce Appropriate Use of The Network

How much of your network bandwidth is being consumed by recreational Internet, streaming video and peer to peer traffic? Which users are consuming the most bandwidth? What are they using it for? What is the impact on the performance of your critical business applications? If you’re not careful, recreational traffic can hurt and degrade user experience and cost you money. Our customers tell us, as much as 50 percent of the traffic on their business network is recreational. And that identifying and controlling it is a problem. That’s why we designed a solution to find recreational traffic, identify problem users, and apply granular policies to control who and what can use valuable bandwidth on your network.

Reduce Overall Network Costs

The cost of managing your network is rising. Bandwidth is part of the problem but there’s more. How much does it cost your company when users are down? When people can’t connect to the Internet? When a key application is slow? How much could you save if your Network Administrators could find and resolve issues faster? How much of your bandwidth is being consumed by recreational video or peer to peer traffic? Our customers tell us it’s harder than ever to reduce network costs – even just to defer them a little. That’s why we built a solution to help reduce your WAN costs by up to 40%.

Support Critical IT Projects

There’s more to your job than just resolving issues and controlling network costs. You also need to support the critical IT projects that are strategic to your business. Whether its data center continuity planning, consolidation, cloud migration or unified communications, there are always key projects that rely on the network to operate efficiently. Ultimately the success and failure of many of these projects comes down to the network. When it comes to major IT projects, you need insight and analytics to understand how the network will react to change. You need the ability to monitor and adjust policies to accommodate new usage patterns and applications. That’s why we designed a solution to help at every step of IT project planning and implementation.