Software Defined Storage


DataCore Software-Defined Storage

SANsymphony™-V10 is DataCore’s flagship 10th generation storage virtualisation solution. In use at over 10,000+ customer sites, it maximises IT infrastructure performance, availability and utilisation by virtualising storage hardware

Virtualize Your Customers External Storage Hardware With SANsymphony-V

The SANsymphony-V software runs on standard x86 servers, providing one set of common storage services across all storage devices. The combined storage capacity of the different devices is managed as a shared pool to eliminate wasted space. Unlike storage systems communicate seamlessly reducing complexity and preventing downtime. Data is replicated between nodes leaving no single point of failure. You can seamlessly scale up and scale out choosing the most appropriate hardware manufacturer for each class of storage and servers.


SANsymphony-V Features:

Some of these services are common among modern storage systems. Things like snapshots, thin provisioning and mirroring. However, only DataCore can offer this functionality in a universally compatible format, delivered across any storage hardware and any hypervisor.