DataCore are the world-leaders in software-defined storage for mid-enterprise and corporate businesses.

Why we chose DataCore

The software defined storage (SDS) revolution is well and truly upon us, and DataCore are the market leader in this space. Their proven SANsymphony technology is more stable and more functional than anyone else, they have more customers and installations than anybody else, and the flexibility of their offering means it is more relevant and valuable to a wider range of clients than anybody else.

DataCore are true innovators and the market is now ready to embrace SDS and its benefits. DataCore is a natural choice for Cloud Distribution and our partners as it represents the best opportunity to satisfy the growing demand for SDS solutions in the Enterprise market space. After all, they defined the market - 16 years ago!

What DataCore could do for your customers

If you have customers who are challenged by the limitations and cost of their existing enterprise SAN and/or NAS solution, then DataCore offers compelling reasons to investigate and invest in their software-defined solutions.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Simplifying Storage Management - Easy management of complex infrastructures by unifying separate islands of storage –including existing array’s, JBODs, server capacity, and especially critical in flash optimised environments that actually extends life of storage investment.
  • Lowering Costs - Maximum economic benefits from existing investments, reducing and containing costs, multiplying productivity
  • Reducing Risk - Continuous high availability and undisturbed running of applications, including disaster recovery (DR) to distant sites.
  • Improving Application Performance
    • Increase performance by easing bottlenecks that make critical applications chug.
    • Auto tier to prioritise and feed the most demanding applications first with the fastest disk

DataCore customers report *:

  • 75% reduction in storage costs
  • 10x performance increase
  • 4x improvement in capacity utilisation
  • Zero storage downtime
  • 90% decrease in storage admin
Source: TechValidate April 2014