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Software & Management

HiveManager Online is a cloud-enabled enterprise-class management system for Aerohive networking products. HiveManager Online offers the same simple policy creation, firmware upgrades, and centralized monitoring options as the on-premises version of HiveManager¹, however, without the need to deploy another device in your network. HiveManager Online is hosted within secure Tier IV SAS 70 Type II data centers, with scheduled backups and disaster recovery capabilities.

HiveManager Online is designed to make it cost effective to start small and grow a network with no upfront costs beyond the Aerohive networking devices. HiveManager Online can be deployed in two different versions, Express and Enterprise. Express, designed for smaller, wifi-only deployments, streamlines the interface without compromising enterprise class features. Enterprise offers the full capabilities of the HiveManager platform for larger organizations with sophisticated policy requirements. HiveManager Online allows administrators to start with Express and seamlessly migrate to Enterprise for no additional fee.HiveManager Online also includes a portal called “MyHive,” which provides single sign-on access to Aerohive resources such as HiveManager Online, support forums, and a redirector server, which manages and correlates Aerohive device assignments to iveManager Online instances. Customers access their own HiveManager Online instance, and partners can use the MyHive system to keep track of many instances for their customers.

Other Software & Management Services

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