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DDoS Protection

Today, service providers such as cloud providers, web hosting services, ISPs as well as large enterprises require an environment that is highly available and secure, as the Internet is the main way to channel an organization's services to its customers. Over the last few years, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have grown dramatically in frequency, size and complexity. While organizations have existing security strategies in place that mitigate a range of security threats, they are not sufficient enough to address new breeds of DDoS attacks that leverage large distributed "botnet" networks of compromised "zombie" machines to simultaneously launch attacks using compliant protocols that are very difficult to detect and even harder to mitigate. It is clear that additional solutions are needed to complement existing security infrastructure in a layered defense model.

A10 Solution

The Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS) offers a variety of solutions to solve the challenges of DDoS attacks for service providers and large enterprises, protecting network infrastructure and allowing existing security solutions to be optimized for handling large-scale DDoS attacks. Thunder TPS provides sophisticated, high-performance features to mitigate the largest and most complex DDoS attacks while optimizing rack space and power consumption, ensuring that data center resources are used efficiently and effectively.


Multi-level DDoS protection to ensure service availability: Thunder TPS protects against multiple classes of attack vectors, including volumetric, protocol, resource and advanced application layer attacks, which are quickly detected and mitigated to prevent a service from becoming unavailable.

Performance scalability to meet growing scale of attacks: Thunder TPS is equipped to handle the largest DDoS attacks can be handled effectively. Each Thunder TPS model is equipped with high-performance, FPGA-based Flexible Traffic Acceleration (FTA) technology to detect and mitigate many common attack vectors immediately in hardware without impact to core system general purpose CPUs.

Broad deployment flexibility: With flexible deployment models for in- and out-of-band operations, and routed or transparent operation modes, Thunder TPS can easily be integrated into any network architecture, of any size. And with our aXAPI, an open RESTful API, Thunder TPS enables integration to your custom or third-party detection solutions.