Wireless Performance Survey

Cloud Cover Wireless Surveys

All customers will have a minimum level of expectation with regard to the performance and quality of their wireless network and may indeed depend on it to run their business. A wireless survey will ensure that any new equipment is properly specified and configured and will fully meet their expectations.

Like any radio signal the quality and consistency of a wireless network signal is affected by the medium that that it has to travel through. It can also be affected by interference from other electrical equipment and other wireless networks. A wireless survey will detect any factors that impact the network signal and ensure that the network design is built to cater for them. It may also be used as a service to discover the root cause of any degradation in existing wireless networking infrastructure and performance.


A survey can be delivered by two different methods dependent upon the level of assurance required; a virtual survey is performed using software to simulate the environment and does not need a site visit, a physical survey is performed using real data and readings captured through the use of specialist tools and software by an experienced on-site networking engineer. The virtual survey provides a quick and easy method and is of most benefit where an estimate is required.

Request a wireless survey

If you need a wireless survey to be performed, then please contact us using one of the methods below. Cloud Distribution recommends that a physical survey should always be performed before an installation. The physical survey is a more detailed and thorough survey and will uncover the impact of any items that cannot be found in a virtual survey.

What Happens Next?

Step 1 – A conversation with your Cloud Distribution Account Manager

A Cloud Distribution Account Manager will discuss your requirements to ensure that the requirements are understood and provide an estimate of costs.

Step 2 - Purchase Order

Upon receipt of a purchase order the Cloud Distribution Technical team will be engaged to prepare a statement of work and allocate resources to completing the survey.

Step 3 -   Site Survey Questionnaire and Floor plans

The customer will be asked to complete and return a Site Survey Questionnaire and a set of “to scale” floor plans. This will ensure that the technical team can provide the best possible survey and specification in preparation for any new equipment installations or resolving existing wireless performance issues.

Step 4 – Conduct Site Survey

The Cloud Distribution Technical team will complete the Statement of Work. An experienced and fully qualified wireless networking engineer will conduct the survey using specialist equipment and software.

Step 5 –Produce Site Survey Report

A Cloud Distribution quality assured site survey report is produced for the customer. This document provides accurate and detailed information for preventing issues in network designs and/or discovering the root cause of issues.


Pricing is based on a resource cost basis of £650 per man/day, plus travel expenses for physical site surveys.

A typical Virtual site survey can be performed within 24 hours. A typical Physical site survey is performed within 1-2 man/days. The number of man/days required to perform a survey may however vary according to the size and complexity of the customer site(s) and the potential installation.

*All site surveys require a copy of “to scale” site floor plans to be submitted.