Security Audit & Health Check

Security Audit & Health Check

Are your customer’s IT systems and essential data secure?

The reasons for taking steps to ensure that a company’s essential data and security systems are protected from theft and attack are widely published.

A security audit provides a systematic evaluation of the security of a company's IT systems by measuring how well they conform to the latest security standards and attempting to expose any potential vulnerabilities.

One of the major challenges in maintaining this security is in keeping up to date with a rapidly changing technology and the methods of attack. For this reason it is essential that any company offering a security audit service and security solutions is constantly up to date with the same level of technology and information as any would be attacker.

The Cloud Distribution Security Audit service is provided by world class IT security experts who have experience in protecting organisations all the way up to military and government level. They also have extensive experience in protecting and managing security in a cloud computing environment.

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What Happens Next?

A conversation with your Cloud Distribution Account Manager

Your Cloud Distribution account manager will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements and objectives and make sure that they are clear and agreed. 

A commercial and technical review

Cloud Distribution will perform a commercial and a technical review to ensure that no dependencies or essential activities are missed and that they are all correctly specified. This usually a quick and simple process, but may require more consideration for larger or more complex installations.

Statement of Work

A Statement of Work will be produced. This will include a delivery and installation schedule to ensure that there is a clearly documented plan and a set of activities for security consultants to complete. This can be signed of and agreed with a customer before any services are provided and ensures there is no potential disparity between customer expectations and the service delivered.

Security Audit

The Security Audit will be performed and reports will be provided to highlight the results and the details of any potential vulnerabilities. This will also include clear recommendations for how to remove them.