Network Audit & Health Check

Network Audit & Health Check

Network audits provide a means of analysing network security by auditing all systems connected to a network and checking software and hardware versions to ensure that they meet current security protocols. Performance may also be measured by looking for network bottlenecks and identifying any legacy or badly performing components that may be slowing the network down. A network audit can also provide an assessment to support an effective upgrade plan.

The Cloud Distribution network audit service is conducted by experienced and qualified engineers with access to the latest network auditing tools and software. They also have extensive expertise and experience in Cloud Distribution’s product portfolio.

In order to discuss your requirements further please contact us using one of the following methods:

What Happens Next?

Step 1 – A conversation with your Cloud Distribution Account Manager

Your Cloud Distribution account manager will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements and objectives and make sure that they are clear and agreed.

A commercial and technical review

Cloud Distribution will perform a commercial and a technical review to ensure that all activities are correctly specified. This usually a quick and simple process, but may require more consideration for larger or more complex installations.

Statement of Work

A Statement of Work will be produced. This will include a delivery and installation schedule to ensure that there is a clearly documented plan and a set of activities for the network audit engineer(s) to complete. This can be signed of and agreed with a customer before any services are provided and ensures there is no potential disparity between customer expectations and the service delivered.

Network audit

The network engineer will make sure that the network is audited as per the agreed Statement of Work. A network audit report will be provided to the customer to identify the overall health of the network and identify any network assets that present a risk. This can also include recommendations for corrective action and be used as part of an upgrade plan.