Cloud Cover Services

Cloud Cover Services


Being able to provide an extensive portfolio of supporting services will always help to build customer confidence in adopting new and disruptive technology.

By providing Cloud Cover Services we have been accelerating the ability of our channel partners to take new next generation products and services to market. By using Cloud Cover Services our Business Partners are able to provide essential and value-added services to their customers without making costly upfront investments in additional resource.

Cloud Cover Services Lifecycle

Professional Services
Maintenance & Support
Training & Certification

Cloud Cover Services is a portfolio designed to support all the service offerings that our business partners might need. It includes a wide range of Pre-Sales, Implementation, Management and Support, Training and Certification services that follow your requirements from the first sale through to maintaining strong customer relationships. We also have the ability to develop and implement any new services with our vendors and partners or package existing services as required. Our existing portfolio is presented here as a menu system that enables you to pick and choose the elements you need project by project. They are all available as Cloud Distribution direct or Partner Branded services.

Cloud Cover Team

  • The Cloud Cover Team includes experienced project managers, trained and certified engineers and consultants with strong commercial awareness.
  • Our Cloud Cover team form a technical link between your business, Cloud Distribution and participating vendors.
  • A pool of IT specialists and leading experts available to complement and extend your in-house capabilities, ensuring that no project is out of reach due to lack of skills or resources.
  • Be confident that at every stage in the deal you will have rapid access to the right resources.